[rescue] Needed:_Indigo²_CD-ROM_and/or_HDD_ca ddy

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Mon May 12 11:11:17 CDT 2014

> I did finally succeed in getting sash to load from 5.3, 6.5.20, and 6.5.22.
> However...it insists on installing from remote tape (and suddenly appearing
> randomly at a different MAC address...don't ask). I DID setenv notape so this
> is just confusing.
> Agreed with config being hard. ;)
>> Installing IRIX directly from the CD sets is not a realistic option. It is
> just too painful.

The switch I gave you should work. I can send you an SGI media kit if
you need one. There are a few webpages you can snag instructions from.

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