[rescue] Systems redux

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Mon May 12 11:02:31 CDT 2014


After a flood of interest, this is what I have left, and stuff I'd
like some $$$ for, SYSTEM-wise.

COMPONENTS will be in another e-mail, which includes sbus and PCI cards.

Sun V240. 2G RAM, 2x 1Ghz CPUs. Includes CD/DVD drive. No drives right
now, but can include appropriate spud brackets. $50 + shipping

Sun E3000. 6x 400Mhz CPUs, 6 G of RAM. Standard IO board. Has CD
drive. $150 + shipping (heavy, may require freight.) I can throw in
some 50GB SCSI drives but I need to wipe them. This could make someone
an excellent desk side workstation with the addition of an IO card
that handles UPA/Creator graphics. I even have a UPA Creator 2d to
throw into it that I'll throw-in, but I don't have the right IO card.
I may have some spare CPU boards, too.

SGI Fuel. 1G of RAM, 600Mhz CPU. V10 graphics. $200 + shipping

Shipping is from 46219.

Jonathan Katz, Indianapolis, IN.

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