[rescue] Needed:_Indigo²_CD-ROM_and/or_HDD_ca ddy

Andrew Jones andrew at jones.ec
Mon May 12 09:49:26 CDT 2014

On 05/12/2014 08:53 AM, Steve Hatle wrote:
> Go here and get DINA: http://dina.harrydebug.com/
> (note this site will be
> going down soon- but you can find mirrors on
> nekochan.net)
> It's a VM that
> specifically set up to be a boot host and install host
> for IRIX installs. IRIX
> is a bit goofy in how it does netboots and
> r-commands - DINA takes away most
> all of that hassle.

Listen to this man.  Booting IRIX from Linux can be painful: it's picky 
about tftp, picky about bootp, picky about rsh/ksh, and picky about nfs. 
  I seem to recall that DINA is BSD-based.  It should solve these for 
you in one go.

Installing IRIX directly from the CD sets is not a realistic option. It 
is just too painful.

One last thing: I have sometimes had problems booting with the on-board 
NIC in a switched/"microsegmented" network.  I keep a 10/100 hub, a dumb 
repeater, specifically for use with older Sun/SGI gear.

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