[rescue] TME and Apple II and other Drive emulator questions.

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Mon May 12 09:24:01 CDT 2014


Thanks for all the follow-ups.  Sounds like there still might be some
serious work to be done on TME
before it's ready for the Mac.  I've made some of the changes, though the
question of whether this is ready for
"prime time" seems questionable.  I've not found anyone who can tell me
where they've run this... (or that they've run it...)

So, right now, my first approach is to go with trying to netboot the Sun
from the Mac.
(and to the question :Why not boot NetBAD on the Mac?  I simply don't have
the disk for doing this and the goal here
is to find a "simple" solution that moves forward with me... having to
maintain a 2nd boot on my Mac doesn't meet that
requirement for me... at least not right now :-) )

RE: Apple II

Lionel, after finding all of that other stuff you're still discovering gems
like an Apple II.   How big IS this basement? :-)
And how much is still left to be "mined" :-)

>Go look at the CFFA card:
>It makes using the Apple ][ machines a walk in the park. I love mine.
>Diskimages for just about any Apple ][ software you can think of are "out

Thanks for passing along this info Steve, this is the first I've heard of
one for the Apple II.
(I have something similar for my Commodore's that works similarly, but
external )  I love how folks
are emulating all of the drives for these old machines.  That's the only
thing that seems to keep them from
staying functional.   I'm pretty happy to see these popping up, since I've
known of some machines that have
either gotten scrapped or almost got scrapped because of the drive/media
issue.   The SCSI2SD one, btw,
works in the old Mac's as well... I have seen a couple just recently at VCF
SE 2.0, and you wouldn't have known
it... though they "felt" a tad quicker relatively... though that may have
just been my personal impression.

RE: Floppy Emu

>For the Mac folks, there's the Floppy Emu:
>This also rocks for the
>older Macs with floppy ports. Obviously there's
>more options when you get to
>the machines with SCSI, Appletalk, etc. but
this is a great option for the oldest Macs.

So, Steve, you've used the floppy-emu?   And have had good luck with it?
I'm asking because I'm trying to figure out if it's worth $102 vs. keeping
the existing floppies I have working.
(right now I have fixed about 5 drives... have 2 external ones that work,
and all of the internal ones that I have
tested working....[that assumes I have the machine powering up, etc.] )

And how do you get images on the SD?   For the Commodore one there is a
program that works on pretty much any
modern machine that lets you put images on the SD card that you can then
read.   However, for the SCSI2SD card,
I haven't found any good ways to do something similar.


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