[rescue] moving and equipment

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Thu May 8 08:47:18 CDT 2014


Some of you may be aware that I'm moving in the upcoming weeks. I've
found homes for most of the big iron and other systems, but I have a
lot of other odds-n-ends (sbus, PCI cards) that need homes. I'll post
a full listing in another e-mail.

Right now I'm trying to consolidate a bunch of my Solaris stuff
(spread out across three servers) onto one system. I need to complete
this within the next week. I'd like to max out my Sparc 20. I'm
looking for the following:

1) VSIMMs (2x 501-2781? A boy can dream, right?)
2) 2x SM81s or more Ross CPUs (I have a single 150Mhz RT626 in there
now with one free Mbus slot.) ... since I have the Ross PROM I'm
willing to trade the PROM and CPU for a stock Sun PROM and other CPUs
to get more horsepower in this thing.
3) A Sun 711 JBOD (empty is fine; I have lots of disks to throw into it!)
4) A slim SS5/SS20 CD-ROM
5) 4x 501-2480 128 DSIMMs

Jonathan Katz, Indianapolis, IN.

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