[rescue] Wanted: NeXT non-adb soundbox

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at gmail.com
Fri May 2 10:42:40 CDT 2014

Mouse wrote:
> I don't really expect to need the other one either.  But I find myself
> mystified as to how this could "adapt it to use a modern LCD" when it
> has no output anything like any of the input interfaces I'd expect on a
> "modern LCD".
> I opened one of my N4004s and had a look inside.  It is not just a
> breakout box from the D-19 to the various other interfaces, but I don't
> know how much of that is audio electronics for the integral speaker and
> mic and how much is actually important (I didn't pull the board out and
> trace the etch runs).  I'm certainly not afraid to chop a NeXT cable in
> two and solder stuff onto the wire ends, so if that's good enough to
> bring things out to the world I'll probably have no need for the N4004.

The pinouts are here.


Peace...  Sridhar

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