[rescue] Wanted: NeXT non-adb soundbox

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Fri May 2 10:36:01 CDT 2014

>>> I've got an '040 Cube coming from a friend, but in order to adapt
>>> it to use a modern LCD I'll need a non-adb soundbox (part N4000 or
>>> N4000A).
>> I've got two N4004s [...]
> That sure sounds like the correct one.  Do you need your second one,
> or might I be able to talk you out of it?

I don't really expect to need the other one either.  But I find myself
mystified as to how this could "adapt it to use a modern LCD" when it
has no output anything like any of the input interfaces I'd expect on a
"modern LCD".

I opened one of my N4004s and had a look inside.  It is not just a
breakout box from the D-19 to the various other interfaces, but I don't
know how much of that is audio electronics for the integral speaker and
mic and how much is actually important (I didn't pull the board out and
trace the etch runs).  I'm certainly not afraid to chop a NeXT cable in
two and solder stuff onto the wire ends, so if that's good enough to
bring things out to the world I'll probably have no need for the N4004.

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