[rescue] Wanted: NeXT non-adb soundbox

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Fri May 2 09:55:59 CDT 2014

> I've got an '040 Cube coming from a friend, but in order to adapt it
> to use a modern LCD I'll need a non-adb soundbox (part N4000 or
> N4000A).

I've got two N4004s and could certainly send you one if that would do.
It has no connector that looks like ADB to me, and does have a keyboard
connector that mechanically mates with the cable on my my pre-ADB (part
number 192.00) keyboard.  But it also has no DE15 connector.  (It has a
<" headphone jack, RCA left and right line out jacks, a 19-pin D-sub
for the host, the keyboard connector, and another <" jack labeled with
an icon I take to represent a microphone.)

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