[rescue] SGI Equipment available in Seattle

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Mon Mar 31 13:15:28 CDT 2014


I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier ... Most of the SGI pile has been claimed
and picked up, but there are some goodies left:

Large plastic bin of SCSI hard drives, CD-ROM drives, etc. 

Sun SCSI case that takes 6 (I think) SCA drives.  It's got some drives in
it.  I had this full of 18-GB drives wich IRIX treated as one big volume.

Some DEC MMJ stuff, including two break-out boxes that provide 8 serial
ports per box.  I believe they attach to EISA cards (which are there), but
may have wider use.

A couple of ISA-to-multiple-serial breakout boxes.

(Those last two items were left over from a project I did that required lots
of serial devices connected to PCs)

A couple or three PCs (Celeron 600 Dell midi-towers).

If you know anyone in the Video business, I have a Chyron Codi video title

On the semi-historic front, there's an AT-class Compaq luggable.

... and lots and lots of obsolete PC gear.

I can get my son to re-cycle it (he works for Intel) but if any of that list
appeals to you, let me know.  If you need more information, ask.

Are you still mascotting?



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