[rescue] A long shot: looking for a NeXT Cube

natem at tir.com natem at tir.com
Fri Mar 28 13:32:27 CDT 2014

i've got both a cube & a slab but only one monitor setup for the two.  i have the cords as well, although i am not sure they're in particularly good shape and may need a few solder joints.  i'm in michigan, unfortunately.

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>Subject: [rescue] A long shot: looking for a NeXT Cube
>Out of all the systems I've rescued and owned over the years of running
>these lists, the one that I've wanted but never run across is a NeXT
>I've had a few mono and color slabs, but part of me is still the kid in
>junior high who got the "ACTUAL SIZE" marketing brochure in the mail,
>and dreamed about owning one someday.
>Anybody have a mono NeXTCube in working condition with keyboard and
>mouse, that they'd like to go to a better home?  I've found ways to
>wire a mono unit up to a modern LCD w/VGA, which was my main concern
>(room for a CRT...)
>Probably all wishful thinking, but I thought I'd give it a shot.
>Bill Bradford
>Houston, Texas USA
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