[rescue] A long shot: looking for a NeXT Cube

Andrew Jones andrew at jones.ec
Fri Mar 28 00:14:52 CDT 2014

> There have been several on ebay in the last 2 weeks. One very nice
> complete system didn't sell at $650: http://r.ebay.com/6vCGwx
> --Toby

As-is, no returns is pretty normal for a scrapper.  This guy is no 
scrapper.  The auction is probably fraudulent, because it looks like he 
knows what he is doing.

* He asks for $650.
* It's sold without any HDD or even a not-DOA warranty
* In the freaking listing, he mentions his other NeXT gear

This guy clearly knows some things about NeXT gear, and he thinks he 
might be selling a brick.  It is not surprising that it didn't sell.

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