[rescue] Guess who has two thumbs and 4 more U5/10s?

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 08:46:26 CDT 2014

This Guy!

I never realized I had so many of these systems!

Behind a box on some shelves I turned up FOUR more U5/10s - two 440 MHz
systems (a U5 and a U10), along with a 400 MHz U5 and a 300 MHz U10. One has a
SCSI card & drive, one has a QFE, and one has a UPA something or other
framebuffer. Half have 1 gig ram, half have 512M.

The systems are all marked as to specs & status, but they are dated 2007!

I will predict that six years away from a power outlet has caused their
TOD/IDPROM to give up the ghost... Since I pulled these systems out of the
garage, I've got them warning up in the house for a few hours before I power
them up.

Do we think these will go away if I bring them to VCF? I hope to get through
my U30/U60s before VCF next weekend, if anyone attending us interested in one
of those systems. I personally can't justify packing and shipping a U30/U60,

Oh, and I found an SS20 of indeterminate specifications... It's still in the

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