[rescue] rescue Digest, Vol 136, Issue 37

Thu Mar 27 08:16:38 CDT 2014

>From: "Sheldon T. Hall" <shel at artell.net>
>To: "Geeks List" <geeks at sunhelp.org>, "Discussion of Large SGI
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>Subject: [rescue] SGI Equipment available in Seattle

At first I was excited to see SGI equipment, perhaps I could acquire some.

>It looks like WinXP and I are going to reach EOL together; after a 20-year
>battle with cancer, I've signed up for in-home hospice care.

.... but then I kept reading. :(   I've seen your posts on the list sir, and
also do not know what to say.  I will say at least in text you seem more calm
about things than I would be.

>SGI Indigo2: Purple R10k-195, MaxImpact, 768MB RAM, nice plastic, IRIX
>6.5.22.  Battery is dead, but it will boot through the maintenance menu.

>SGI O2:  Mid-range spec, but I think it has the high-end A/V module.  IRIX
>6.5.30, boots and runs fine.  Plastic good except CD-ROM drive door missing.

>SGI Octane: Single processor, dual graphics modules, good plastic, IRIX

If there was a method for someone local to arrange shipping for me, I'd pay
for one of them to be packed and shipped to Ohio, provided we could find a
carrier that wouldn't play soccer with it. :)

My guess is someone closer will snap them up, but if not, I am game to attempt
a pack and ship if there is someone local to you that could assist.



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