[rescue] Today in the garage I found...

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 15:59:43 CDT 2014

... Two brand-new, still in the factory-sealed boxes Rockford OmniFi DMP1
car MP3 players with WiFi adapters.

And I started clawing through my Ultra 5/10 collection, and so far I have
2x Ultra 5 (400 MHz CPU, one with 1 gig of ram, the other with 512 Meg),
and an Ultra 10 with a 440 MHz CPU, 1 Gig RAM and the idprom isn't dead!
(The IDPROM is dead in the two U5s.)

I have two more a Ultra 10 carcasses to examine (they've sat for a long
time with no cover on the chassis, not sure they will power-up), but that
looks like it for U5/10. Now I need to investigate IDPROM fixes - I don't
think these systems are worth new $20 IDPROM chips so I need to decide if
they are to be scrapped or not...

Back to the music players - I bought them years ago (2005, to be honest)
and paid a pretty penny for them based on the invoice I found with them. I
was thinking about putting them on eBay, but as I looked over the boxes, I
became very interested in installing one of these in my convertible (that
used to have a CD changer in the trunk, but that died a long time ago) -
what makes them interesting is that A) you can increase the HD from 20 Gig
to something bigger (2.5" IDE), and B) you can update the music on the HD
over a wifi connection when the car is turned off.

Here's a link:

Looking back, the idea seems really good, I guess they under-estimated
people's interest in plugging in iPods to play music - this device works
best with 'ripped' copies of media, not DRM-protected iTunes audio files...
Anyone used a device like this?

I also found the XVR-600 frame buffer I bought a while ago for my v240
server... I'll install it over the weekend, then a clean install of Solaris
and I'll rack it up and start tinkering. Tomorrow may be Sunblade 1000 day,
it's been hiding in my office closet for years.

Lionel Peterson
lionel4287 at gmail.com

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