[rescue] [geeks] SGI Equipment available in Seattle

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Wed Mar 26 12:25:50 CDT 2014

Bill, and everyone ... 

> Looking through archives, the first post I can find from you 
> on the SunHELP list was in May of 1999, and August of '99 for 
> what was then SunRescue.
> That makes almost FIFTEEN YEARS that you've been 
> participating in our community.  I have nothing to say but 
> "thank you".

Nah.  Thank YOU for running the lists.  It's been great fun participating,
and I certainly wouldn't have been able to get my various rescued computers
back to life without help from the lists.

And I'd like to use this soapbox to thank everyone for the good wishes
expressed both on the lists and in private messages.  For the moment, I'm
doing OK, illness-wise, and all those messages certainly serve as a

On the SGI front, I've had several local responders who would like the gear,
so I think that's taken care of.

Thank all you guys.  It's a pleasure to share a planet with you.


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