[rescue] SGI Equipment available in Seattle

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Mon Mar 24 21:00:05 CDT 2014

>> Side thought:  I keep thinking about making a trip over to the Maine
>> coast and buying some lobster fresh off the boat if I can.   ...And
>> insist on paying supermarket retail or close to it, directly to the
>> lobstermen, not the pittance the distributor would pay them.
> It isn't exactly an easy thing to catch. ;)
I let other people do the work on that one. I'm sure it is not easy. But 
Shel, if you want some, send me your address and they'll be on the way. 
Could be fun!

And Phil, if you're coming this way, bring the car not the bike, and 
have a home brew with me.


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