[rescue] SGI Equipment available in Seattle

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Mon Mar 24 13:25:31 CDT 2014


It looks like WinXP and I are going to reach EOL together; after a 20-year
battle with cancer, I've signed up for in-home hospice care.

As a result, I have a pile of SGI and associated equipment I'd like to pass
along to someone who can still use it.

It's a large pile:

SGI Indigo2: Purple R10k-195, MaxImpact, 768MB RAM, nice plastic, IRIX
6.5.22.  Battery is dead, but it will boot through the maintenance menu.

SGI O2:  Mid-range spec, but I think it has the high-end A/V module.  IRIX
6.5.30, boots and runs fine.  Plastic good except CD-ROM drive door missing.

SGI Octane: Single processor, dual graphics modules, good plastic, IRIX

External peripherals:  About a dozen Sun and SGI external cases (411, 611,
etc.) suitable for all sorts of SCSI devices.  Some open-face, some closed,
etc.  I think there's an SGI SCSI floppy drive in a granite case.

Cables:  A large collection of external SCSI cables. 

Drives:  A bunch of those, too, including some 36 GB SCA drives.

Parts, books:  Yep.  A couple or three Granite keyboards and mice.  Large
box of IRIX installation CDs.  Much etc.

I'd love for this to go together.  I can't ship it; it's SGI stuff, it
weighs a ton, and I'm not really in shape to take it anywhere.  It'll all
fit in a station wagon; getting it in a compact sedan might be a challenge.

Contact me off-list to arrange pick up on Bainbridge Island, across Puget
Sound from downtown Seattle.



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