[rescue] [geeks] Last Call - Ultra 5/10 parts

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Tue Mar 18 23:28:33 CDT 2014

> Lionel Peterson wrote :

>HD? IDE drives are getting hard to find (in good shape, not worn down
after 5+
>years operation) IMHO.

Yeah, they're definitely getting harder to find (I've just been going thru
the pile I had around here, checking
to see which actually have some life in them, and which aren't worth the
space they're consuming...)  But
I'd take a few of those..

>SCSI? If you want a nice throughput 'bump'.

I've got a SCSI controller for it, and 1 drive, though I could use some

>PS? Where you gonna get a spare after a lighting strike?

True.  I wish I had another SS10 LX (I liked the one I originally got from
you... I'm still pissed that the power spike only took that out...sigh..)
A SS 10 with built in 24 bit graphics was just fun...

>A whole spare system unit? Since there will be no shipping charge, why not?

That makes sense.  So that works... just a spare... (though I really don't
need a spare chassis...but I'll take it if that's easier)

 >So VCF East is April 4-6th (thank you Google!), and when I poked around
the site I found that there will be a number of
>hands-on workshops run all weekend run by briel computing building some of
their kits - they have retro-1, micro Kim-1,
>an emulated Altair 8800, and a terminal kit.

Yup, I'll be there Friday and Saturday.  We'll have a table for the
upcoming VCF SE, combined with some AHCS stuff.
Not sure what we will  have on display...

>I may have to buy & build one of them (I already have a first gen retro-1)
maybe a terminal or the emulated 8800 micro... Tempting.
>Here's their website - http://www.brielcomputers.com/ - any other
VCF attendees want to join me spending a few hours, there's an article about
>the kit building sessions on his homepage.

I've thought about the terminal, as I keep running into situations where I
need a serial interface to view some sort of console
(and the UCB-Serial adapters are a pain to keep working drivers for... ).
 Should be easy enough to do.

>Should be fun - I may be there Sat & Sun, and I'll bring some old Mac bits
for the consignment area, maybe some old books also...

Ah, what Mac bits?  I may be bringing some old Mac bits as well... I know
I'm bringing some Atari 400/800 cartridges and Rom/Ram carts
(got them at an estate sale) along with some power supplies for same said
devices... all of which I've tested, so known good... (but I have
way enough with the Sun, Mac and Commodore machines downstairs...(and those
odd PC's... PC Jr and IBM PC XT 286...)

I just saw that Dave McGuire is doing a session on O-Scopes.. I'll have to
ping him...
(I may go from only meeting 1 Sun Rescuer in person to a whole collection
:-) )


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