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Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 19:55:49 CDT 2014

So VCF East is April 4-6th (thank you Google!), and when I poked around the
site I found that there will be a number of hands-on workshops run all
weekend run by briel computing building some of their kits - they have
retro-1, micro Kim-1, an emulated Altair 8800, and a terminal kit.

I may have to buy & build one of them (I already have a first gen
retro-1) maybe a terminal or the emulated 8800 micro... Tempting.

Here's their website - http://www.brielcomputers.com/ - any other VCF
attendees want to join me spending a few hours, there's an article about
the kit building sessions on his homepage.

Should be fun - I may be there Sat & Sun, and I'll bring some old Mac bits
for the consignment area, maybe some old books also...


On Wednesday, March 12, 2014, Lionel Peterson
<lionel4287 at gmail.com<javascript:_e(%7B%7D,'cvml','lionel4287 at gmail.com');>>

> HD? IDE drives are getting hard to find (in good shape, not worn down
> after 5+ years operation) IMHO.
> SCSI? If you want a nice throughput 'bump'.
> PS? Where you gonna get a spare after a lighting strike?
> A whole spare system unit? Since there will be no shipping charge, why not?
> Remind me, when is VCF East again?
> Lionel

Lionel Peterson
lionel4287 at gmail.com

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