[rescue] [geeks] Windows monoculture (was Last Call - Ultra 5/10 parts)

Michael-John Turner mj at mjturner.net
Wed Mar 12 05:32:28 CDT 2014

On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 09:19:57PM -0400, Andrew Jones wrote:
> That said, there are some security things they could improve:
> * blacklist known-bad versions of flash and java
> * give me the ability to whitelist executables
> * make the MAC framework usable by mere mortal systems administrators

Some of that blacklisting has started - newer versions of Firefox block
vulnerable Java plugins, for example. But the quicker Flash and
browser-based Java die, the better.

Of course, Java itself is a mess - yesterday I had to jump through a lot of
hoops to get the Java 6.x plugin working on my daughter's MBP running OS X
10.9 - the site she wanted to use wasn't compatible with Java 7.x. I
thought the whole promise of Java was "write once, run anywhere" - surely
that should include /some/ form of backwards compatibility?

Cheers, MJ
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