[rescue] FS: Macbook A1286

Dan Sikorski me at dansikorski.com
Sat Mar 8 15:02:29 CST 2014

Similar to John Florens message, I have a 15 Macbook Pro available for sale.
This machine is very different than the one hes offering, so hopefully were
not competing.  It was my wifes laptop until 5-6 months ago when she got a
new 13 MBP.  The keyboard shows some wear on the S and E keys (I can send or
post pictures off-list), but otherwise its in good shape cosmetically, no
significant scratches or dings.  Specs are:

2Ghz Core i7
Apple 128GB SSD TS128C
Radeon 6490M/Intel HD 3000 Graphics
802.11a/b/g/n and bluetooth

Currently has OSX Lion 10.7.5, but I will wipe the drive and probably take the
oppurtinity to update for purchaser.

The laptop has been left unused for a couple months, and the battery was
drained when i plugged it in and powered it on a few minutes ago.  Ill be
testing the battery today and tomorrow to verify that it performs well, but of
course, the price will depend on the health of the battery.  Given that,
contact me off-list if youre interested and we can haggle.  Also like John,
Id much rather deal with folks here than local craigslisters.  The laptop and
I are both located in 60085 (Waukegan, IL).

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