[rescue] Sun items for sale/trade, etc.

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Sat Mar 8 01:43:07 CST 2014


I have too many ideas/projects going on right now.

I have a V490 that needs a new home. It's not working 100%. It claims it
needs a new CPU. One CPU board doesn't "light" the motherboard LED when
plugged in. The other seems to work OK. However, the system needs both
boards in place in order to boot and work, so with one working and one not
working, I can't get it up and running. With the "bad" board pulled and the
good board in place, POST won't complete: I just get "Hardware powered on."
... with both boards in POST will execute, but eventually hang. I believe
it has 4x 1.35Ghz CPUs and 4GB or 8GB of RAM.

I also have an E3000, which is working. It has 6x 400Mhz CPUs and 6GB of
RAM. I've replaced 1 of the 2 NVRAM chips, so it does squawk, but it works
fine. It only has the normal/older Exx00 IO board which has the fibre slots
for the old Sun SparcStorage Arrays and doesn't do try FC-AL.
(SSA100/SSA200) http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19806-01/802-2041/802-2041.pdf
E3000 docs:

I have a generic, 4U rack-mount ATX case with power supply. The motherboard
I have in there is toast, but I'm sure it could be useful to someone
building a new home server.

G2 HP DL580
I thought it was working, but it has been sitting a while. When I power it
up I get a repeating long beep.

I'm located in 46219. This is all far too heavy to ship.

I'm looking for a 2nd RT626 and a VSIMM for my SS20 to make it a nifty
OpenStep workstation.

Jonathan Katz, Indianapolis, IN.

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