[rescue] WTB: Amiga 3000 or parts

Ian Finder ian.finder at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 10:37:34 CST 2014

Looking at completed listings, it seems like -stock- A3Ks have typically been
running closer to $300 USD on eBay, but yeah the exceptions sometimes happen
as they are quite old and reasonably uncommon.

I know I could make my life a lot easier by finding a 1200 and upgrading it,
but I've already got a stash of upgrades and bits for the 3K. Also, for some
reason, computers that are built into keyboards really bother me :)

So I'm doomed to pay some money to put the system back on it's feet, but that
is something I've resigned myself to.

I actually picked up another 3K for parts recently pretty cheaply, but now I
just have two Amigas with bad logic boards.

But I have a lead on a working machine that will hopefully pan out.

Peter, you should get your 4K out and definitely make sure the caps aren't
leaking too bad. The audio circuit in them is particularly sensitive to damage
caused by the corrosive electrolyte sitting on the board.


- Ian

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On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 04:02:29PM -0800, Ian Finder wrote:
> I know this may be a long shot, but my Amiga 3000 has failed beyond my
> diagnostic abilities.
> I'd like to buy either:
>   1) Full A3000D or 4000D as a replacement
>   2) Amiga 3000 motherboard

A3000s are *extremely* rare, and I just watched one go for over #500. I had
been vaguely watching this A4000 on eBay as I probably have enough spare
to get it running, but the current price for a dead unit (plus the cost and
inconvenience of going to Coventry in person) now seems a bit much:


> As far as I know, I should have major components like custom ICs, so even a
> failed A3K would be useful.

I have an A4000/040 plus another unit that's been part-stripped -- the A3640
CPU board is still present if you're after one of those -- but it's been
a while since I did anything with them and I have no idea if there's a
machine between them.

You will probably find it much easier to obtain an A1200 with 68030 and/or
controller, as many more of those were sold than A3000s.
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