[rescue] Sparcs in printers (was Laserjet 4 Plus)

Andrew Hoerter amh at POBOX.COM
Mon Mar 3 13:52:14 CST 2014

On 3/2/14, David Griffith <dgriffi at cs.csubak.edu> wrote:

>> Incidentally, I have a Brother laser printer as well; it's got a
>> builtin network print server running on a SPARClite embedded
>> processor.  Pretty cool.
> What model of Brother printer is this?  I really like Brother's laser
> printers.

Mine is a HL-5170DN, but I'd expect the networking bits to be common
across a lot of them.

It's discontinued now, but closing in on 10 years old, still on the
original toner cartridge and drum unit, still working fine.  (granted,
I don't print much)

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