[rescue] Installing Mavericks 10.9 on - Re: FS: Mac Pro 2006 w/ Radeon 5770 (UK only)

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Mon Mar 3 12:43:56 CST 2014

On 3 Mar 2014, at 12:46, Toby Thain <toby at telegraphics.com.au> wrote:

> On 03/03/14 2:46 AM, Google wrote:
>> Hi,
>> (Apologies for the cross-post I wanted to get as wide a sweep as possible)
>> I think am finally going to have to let my Mac Pro go. I've owned it since
>> (early 2007) ...
>> Because of it's age this machine WILL NOT (officially) run OS X 10.8 or
>> due to the lack of 64-bit EFI firmware on the main-board. It CAN be jury
>> rigged using PC Hackintosh tools apparently, but I didn't want to rely on
> You can do it without Hackintosh, using Tiamo's replacement boot.efi.
> The result is perfect; I just installed Mavericks on my 8 x 3GHz MacPro
> If the video card is compatible (I used a GeForce 8800 with 2,1 firmware),
then this will "just work" and is fine for production.
>> production machine that was hacked. At the very least the effort requires
>> another, current capable Mac.
> To download Mavericks only. For which you also need an Apple ID. You can
always do this on a friend's Mac.
> You also need an external drive of some sort, around 8GB in size; the web
instructions suggest a USB drive but you can also use any drive connected via
USB - I used a laptop drive with a (S)ATA/USB adapter.
> --Toby

Thanks, Toby.

My experience is significantly dated as it was just after 10.8 was released
that I tried. I guess someone figured the thing out better since then!

I may strip the machine out (it still has my data drives in atm) and try a
test run of the tool to see if it works easily.

The machine has a late era Radeon 5770 in which is still supported as of 10.9

I'll try it and report back.

If it works with OS X 10.9 that means it's more saleable at least, but I'm
still going to want to move it on, it's nowhere near as efficient as my i7
Mini and takes up too much desk space ;)

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