[rescue] FS: Mac Pro 2006 w/ Radeon 5770 (UK only)

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(Apologies for the cross-post I wanted to get as wide a sweep as possible)

I think am finally going to have to let my Mac Pro go. I've owned it since new
(early 2007) and it was my daily fdriver up until last year when I replaced it
with a Mac Mini i7. Here's the spec:

Mac Pro Rev. 1 (2006-07 model)
Twin 2.0GHz XEON CPUs (4 cores total)
6GB FB-DIMM RAM (4x 512MB + 4x1GB)
DVD-RW 'Superdrive'
Official Apple ATi Radeon 5770 video card

It's never been properly dusted out since I got it because I was fairly
nervous about taking it apart, so it'll need a clean out, I can supply a 500GB
hard drive with a fresh install of OS X 10.7.x but the drive is pretty tired
having been in the machine 6 years of constant use. The case has some cosmetic
scuffs but is otherwise in good condition. The front headphone port is a bit
flakey and the power button required slightly more than a feather touch to
turn it on (it's a common issue, apparently).

Because of it's age this machine WILL NOT (officially) run OS X 10.8 or later
due to the lack of 64-bit EFI firmware on the main-board. It CAN be jury
rigged using PC Hackintosh tools apparently, but I didn't want to rely on a
production machine that was hacked. At the very least the effort requires
another, current capable Mac.

Probably looking for around 300 GBP (current eBay price) for it, but make me a
reasonable offer.

I have all the original packaging out in the shed (but not the keyboard and
mouse, they didn't last 7 years!) and can ship via courier to a UK address or
buyer collects form UK LN11 postcode area (address on request). It's heavy
(close to 30kg) so expect carriage to be in the region of 10-20 GBP depending
on location.

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