[rescue] rescue Digest, Vol 136, Issue 2

Sat Mar 1 21:43:14 CST 2014

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>Subj:	rescue Digest, Vol 136, Issue 2

[lots of folks need to shed laserjets and parts snipped]

Wow.  Did not think I would cause a flood of Laser(jets) to the rescue list!


I'm not a fan of inkjets either, but the one that just broke was free, and all
it needed were cartridges, which I found a set (color and BW) for around $35. 
Can't beat that for three years of service and probably more pages than it was
designed for ...

... but that's also the reason when the Brother went on sale I jumped on it. 
For as little color as I print (beating the snot out of that poor inkjet was
pretty much a one time event) it will (should) last years.


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