[rescue] Laserjet 4 Plus

Sat Mar 1 12:13:29 CST 2014

Hi all,

Going to combine all the printing here into one Brother color laser, which
means I no longer need this HP Laserjet 4 Plus.  Had a cheap consumer deskjet 
I was given for color, it finally went *clunk* and of course these pieces of
junk are not repairable (trust me, I tried).

It's a baby essentially, with only 29860 on the clock.  I acquired a lower
paper cassette and duplexer for it, and it has 10MB ram.

The toner currently in it is decent, but probably could use a new one, and 
they can be had for cheap from various sources (remanufactured of course). 
It's perfectly usable for someone who needs solid 600dpi black and white laser
printing, and they are also easy to repair if needed.  Back at $previous_job
we had 4 Plus units with over 1M on the odometer. 

Free for pickup in northern Ohio.    Will drive as far south as Columbus if
you have something for trade (that you perhaps no longer need) 
that I'd be interested in.  (I like Unix systems, currently on the hunt for 
SGI gear, or perhaps faster Sun gear than the SparcClassic and IPX I recently
acquired.  While they're cute, and give me nostalgia back to my public access
unix days, they are *slow*)  

If interested, contact me off-list.  



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