[rescue] Has freshmeat.net disappeared forever?

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Wed Jun 25 13:44:06 CDT 2014

In article <20140625163843.GA8493 at mooli.org.uk>,
    Peter Corlett <abuse at cabal.org.uk> writes:

> Suppose it doesn't build, which is likely given that the point of the
> exercise is to discover just where the problems might be. Now I have
> to attempt to debug it on that clunker.

We're talking build errors here, since the discussion is on
portability not native development of a native Windows application.
So we're already reduced down to the point of command-line
applications and libraries.  Again, we're talking building to ensure
portability, so "debugging" is not the issue, fixing build errors is
the issue, perhaps adjusting implementations so that unit tests and
automated acceptance tests pass.

Again, this is all perfectly doable on a clunker machine.

It is also completely doable under VirtualBox in a VM.

> That's just a massive time sink that is neither enjoyable
> nor lucrative.

If checking build portability for you is a massive time sink, it's one
of your own creation that has nothing to do with MSVC.

Also, you haven't substantiated your claim that doing build
portability checking costs thousands of pounds.

Ergo, my original comment still persists:  You're insane.

> > and MSVC is *free* and has been *free* for over a decade.
> The first hit is always free.

I'm sure that gets a laugh on slashdot, but it's a completely non
responsive response.  The free edition of MSVC has been as fully
featured a compilation environment for C++ as the paid-for version of
Visual Studio for over a decade.  It isn't crippled in any sense in
terms of language compiler features and it doesn't impose any
restrictions on the software compiled with it.

> what price the wear and tear on my soul as I battle Windows?

So now you're explicitly saying what I suspected based on your
original response.  The whole "thousands of pounds" stuff is
misdirection and not the real point of your whinging.  It's just that
you hate Windows.  That's perfectly fine.  Just don't dress it up in
some bogus argument about how it costs you thousands of dollars
because that's bullshit.
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