[rescue] Has freshmeat.net disappeared forever?

David Brownlee abs at absd.org
Wed Jun 25 05:42:16 CDT 2014

On 24 June 2014 21:47, Richard <legalize at xmission.com> wrote:
> If you are talking about building it for use in some vintage
> environment, then your problems are one of porting, not building.
> Most modern software does not build in a vintage environment.
> Most vintage software does not build in a modern environment.

pkgsrc helps ameliorate that to a certain degree - it includes build
wrappers to fixup compiler command lines so a fair number of packages
build under pkgsrc out of the box on Solaris which would not build

It also has very many portability and correctness patches for
alternate compilers (mainly llvm) and target platforms which gets
"vintage" packages (like olvwm with vxiew etc) running on modern
systems, and modern packages running on... less common systems (Haiku,
Minix, HP-UX, etc).

The main issue on slightly older systems is getting a viable modern
compiler - IIRC Solaris 9 and OS X powerpc (for example) cannot build
a modern gcc with their shipped compiler... but they can build a gcc
3.x, which can then build a current gcc, so you need a double compiler
bootstrap process.

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