[rescue] Has freshmeat.net disappeared forever? WAS:::Re: What to do with the SS20

Cory Smelosky b4 at gewt.net
Tue Jun 24 17:56:05 CDT 2014

On Tue, 24 Jun 2014, Richard wrote:

> In article <CAL4LZyggNhVGBmj30YyExePcYUL-vZ68UdkixJ5v-9Uh0VAT3w at mail.gmail.com>,
>    John Floren <john at jfloren.net> writes:
>> This is because autotools are rubbish.
> I'm warming up to CMake (which is what clang uses).

CMake is a bit big and...well it's still bizarre but it's certainly 
much, much better. Especially if you swap out pkg-config for pkgconf.

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