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Tue Jun 24 16:08:42 CDT 2014

> It seems to me that git is very much based on the idea that Linux is
> all there is [...]

That has not been my perception of it.  It _is_ very much based on the
idea that it's running on a basically POSIX system, but it is not very

> Have you tried building it from source on another platform?

Yes.  I build it on NetBSD on (almost?) all my machines.  But - see
below - git is not a single thing.

> I think the fact that Git requires quite a few gnu pieces to build,
> including bash does mean it is Linux specific.

Either you're talking about optional pieces or it's gone seriously
downhill in recent years; the git I use ( builds just fine with
nothing more than

- bunzip2 (to unpack the distribution)
- tar (to unpack the distribution)
- GNU make (because the Makefiles are GNU-make-specific)
- gcc (I haven't tried other compilers)
- patch (to apply the various patches I have)
- libc (of course)

I had to hack on the main Makefile a little bit, but only a little.  I
did have to hack on the code a little, and chose to hack on it a good
deal more, but, really, it was a remarkably easy build.

> I found it very difficult to get a complete build of Git on Solaris
> 10 because of Git's reliance on gcc-isms and gnu prereqs.

Which git version?

> I readily acknowledge that UNIX development is not my thing, but
> looking around the net I saw many indications that building Git on
> Solaris 10 was non-trivial.

I'd be willing to have a stab at setting up the git I use, if you like.

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