[rescue] Has freshmeat.net disappeared forever?

microcode at zoho.com microcode at zoho.com
Tue Jun 24 14:23:34 CDT 2014

On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 01:04:40PM -0600, Richard wrote:

> Moving to github vastly increases the chance that other people will
> contribute to your project, whether they are small or big
> contributions.

Yes, as does working on Linux as opposed to another platform.

> > That rules out just about everything but Linux code.
> Git is available for many platforms; there is nothing specific to
> Linux about git or github.

It seems to me that git is very much based on the idea that Linux is all
there is (not all that surprising considering its history) and is hard to
build anywhere else. Have you tried building it from source on another
platform? I think the fact that Git requires quite a few gnu pieces to
build, including bash does mean it is Linux specific.

I found it very difficult to get a complete build of Git on Solaris 10
because of Git's reliance on gcc-isms and gnu prereqs. I eventually got the
code built but the doc would not build. I had to download and install the man
pages separately and that was not all the doc you would get if the build had
worked. I did this in a zone for a developer who asked for git because he
was working on a project on Linux that was supposed to work on Solaris but
didn't. It took more time to get Git working than fixing the code problem.

I readily acknowledge that UNIX development is not my thing, but looking
around the net I saw many indications that building Git on Solaris 10 was

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