[rescue] What to do with the SS20

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Mon Jun 23 10:18:42 CDT 2014

>> As long are you are happy with 8bpp in the console and only want
>> 24bpp for X then any version of NetBSD/sparc post 2009 should be
>> good  :)
> Does NetBSD support console on Sun framebuffers yet?

It always has, as far as I can recall, if you're content with using ROM
console I/O.

> Last time I tried that, around 2005, with both NetBSD and FreeBSD, I
> was told (pretty much in so many words) "No, nor do we intend to.
> Why should we?  Piss off."

Interesting.  I suspect you were misunderstood somehow; I can't account
for such a response any other way.

What isn't always supported is console using other than the ROM
callbacks for I/O.  On some framebuffers it's supported - the cgsix,
for example - but on others it's all ROM all the way, which means it's
comparatively slow and is restricted to the ROM console font.

Ironically, because of the lack of documentation, the cgfourteen is
actually substantially faster when using the ROM callbacks: the ROM
code knows how to use the blitter-equivalent hardware but, at least
last I knew, the kernel doesn't.

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