[rescue] What to do with the SS20

Andrew Jones andrew at jones.ec
Sun Jun 22 20:49:02 CDT 2014

On 06/21/2014 09:37 PM, Jonathan Katz wrote:
> SunOS 4.1.4 gives me the vintage street cred, but no JVM. It also
> won't boot on my system with dual Ross CPUs. Does anyone have a proper
> ISO or similar of SunOS that will do SMP & Ross CPUs?

I thought I remembered a Java for SunOS, and a little bit of Google TM 
handiwork confirmed it for me.

The guy who ported JDK 1.1 still has the binaries online:

Java 1.1 is almost entirely useless, but it's certainly an item of 
historical interest.  I was astonished to see the filesizes -- the JRE 
was 8 MB, the JDK 25 !

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