[rescue] Disksuite 1.0 How to configure - anyone have the docs or remember how to?

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Mon Jun 16 10:51:52 CDT 2014

Hi All

Ok, I have a SS5 with Sunos 4.x running and need to add Disksuite 1.0 and get
it all mirror'd.

I have installed Disksuite via the cdm utility which has gone ok, and can see
the meta* commands, but it complains about not seeing /dev/rmdd when I try to
do anything, I also assume I have to rebuild the kernel at some point, but
there were no docs with the Disksuite distribution I have, other than man
pages which are for the utilities, not the install from what I can see.

Anyone know how it is done?


Peter Stokes
Ashlyn Computer Services
Tel: 01636 627990
Mbl: 07977 532320

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