[rescue] So I Got This Old Sun

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Mon Jun 16 04:04:08 CDT 2014

Hi Jason

What a great find, I think a few Sun 2's made it to the UK, but most likely
long gone now, even when we were selling addons to the Sun 3's I only ever saw
one unit and that was as Xylogic's office in the UK.

As to the P/N, suggest RM is Rack Mount and CC is probably a ref to the
customer Chicago and maybe Computer Science or whoever was the customer. I
suspect that at this stage the systems were custom spec'd for each customer
and the build config was for them, and yes the label is for the original
Series 1.

Just my guess.

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On 16 Jun 2014, at 01:29, Jason T <silent700 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hoping to bring some knowledge out of the woodwork here...I have
> acquired what is, in any case, quite a relic, but I suspect there is
> much more to learn about it:
> http://silent700.blogspot.com/2014/06/leads-always-follow-them.html
> In short, I stumbled upon a Sun-1.  It's the rackmount version, the
> 1/150, but it has a strange model name on the ID plate which appears
> to be "RM-CC" or "RM-0C."  It has a very early serial number but I
> can't determine if that was its first number or the result of an
> upgrade or refurb.  It appears to contain a Sun-2 CPU board so,
> according to what I've read, should be ID'd as a 1/150U.  I've read
> nothing about re-assigning a serial, however.
> I was told that Sun-1 serial numbers began at 013, due to there being
> 12 employees at the time.  Again, I have no idea if this machine's
> serial number is original or not.  It was sold to the University of
> Chicago, who I believe were among the first purchasers of Sun
> products.  They are said to still have S/N 13 (in theory the "first"
> Sun made) in their posession but I have no first-hand knowledge.
> I am supposed to be put in touch with the original curator of this
> machine, from which I hope to learn a lot more about its history.  For
> now, enjoy the pics and please share whatever info you may have...
> - jht
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