[rescue] A quick assist

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Thu Jun 12 23:11:45 CDT 2014


I've ranted about my move, selling and giving away my collection,
components, etc. I figured out what I want to do with one of my
systems; there is a kid who I know who is interested in
computers/computing and I want to give the system to him. I'm short a
few components, though.

1) Sun Type 5 keyboard
2) SBUS framebuffer of some sort (TGX is fine.) ... alternately, if
someone has a VSIMM that I can purchase for me, I can move the TGX
from my SS20 to the E3000 I'm giving him.... or if someone has an
Enterprise IO board with a UPA slot, I have a UPA framebuffer
somewhere I can throw in there.

Time is of the essence, as I think I move next week.

Jonathan Katz, Indianapolis, IN.

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