[rescue] Dot matrix printers

Robert Jarratt robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
Tue Jun 10 17:13:51 CDT 2014

You don't say where these printers are located. Could you tell us please?
I'd love an LA50, but I am guessing you are in the USA, which makes it
impractical for me.



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> Hello all,
> Today I have a bunch of dot matrix printers to shed:
> 1) DEC LA50 - good physical condition, prints a partial self-test, but
appears to
> get stuck about 3" into the printing, the print head stalls, prints a
number of
> characters over each other, then returns, advances the paper and tries
again -
> same problem. Has native support in many DEC OS & terminals, has a serial
> interface. Needs lubricant?
> 2) Panasonic 24 pin KX-P1124 - good physical condition, prints self-test
fine, has
> numerous 'high quality/letter quality' printing options. Has a parallel
> Needs nothing.
> 3) Mannesmann Tally MT160 - 9 pin print head, prints OK (ribbon is dry, 20
> years old!), but print head flies across page during self-test, then
freezes, stuck
> on far right edge of page. Power cycle returns print head to proper
> position, but gets stuck if I re-run self test. I loved this printer in
college - it has
> SQUARE print heads, so verticals don't look like 9 scoops of ice cream
> on top of each other. It almost seems like the printer has forgotten how
> the page is... Needs to be rebuilt.
> Someone hoping to relive the late '80s computing scene would definitely
> one on these printers, but I do not (I have a new in box Okidata Microline
> printer u84(I think it is)).
> If interested, please contact me off- list.
> (I found a printout from 1993 in the LA50 printer, apparently the last
time I
> used it and a printout of the 3b1-faq part 1 from 1992 stacked on top if
it, lots
> of contributors to the FAQ had 'bang' email addresses -
> !princeton!jonlab!jon)
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