[rescue] Dot matrix printers

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 17:02:56 CDT 2014

Hello all,

Today I have a bunch of dot matrix printers to shed:

1) DEC LA50 - good physical condition, prints a partial self-test, but appears
to get stuck about 3" into the printing, the print head stalls, prints a
number of characters over each other, then returns, advances the paper and
tries again - same problem. Has native support in many DEC OS & terminals, has
a serial interface. Needs lubricant?

2) Panasonic 24 pin KX-P1124 - good physical condition, prints self-test fine,
has numerous 'high quality/letter quality' printing options. Has a parallel
interface. Needs nothing.

3) Mannesmann Tally MT160 - 9 pin print head, prints OK (ribbon is dry, 20
years old!), but print head flies across page during self-test, then freezes,
stuck on far right edge of page. Power cycle returns print head to proper
starting position, but gets stuck if I re-run self test. I loved this printer
in college - it has SQUARE print heads, so verticals don't look like 9 scoops
of ice cream stacked on top of each other. It almost seems like the printer
has forgotten how wide the page is... Needs to be rebuilt.

Someone hoping to relive the late '80s computing scene would definitely want
one on these printers, but I do not (I have a new in box Okidata Microline
printer u84(I think it is)).

If interested, please contact me off- list.

(I found a printout from 1993 in the LA50 printer, apparently the last time I
used it and a printout of the 3b1-faq part 1 from 1992 stacked on top if it,
lots of contributors to the FAQ had 'bang' email addresses -

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