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Fri Jun 6 14:24:50 CDT 2014

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Date: Fri, June 06, 2014 1:45 pm
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" From: "Steve Hatle" 
" There is a tailgate
swapmeet here in Mpls/St. Paul this weekend as
" Pickings have been
pretty slim the last couple of years for
" (to me) gear. Hopefully
I'll sell more than I take home :-)

is this annual? i'll be in the twin
cities about this time next year.
Yup. It's always the first Saturday in June. It's held at the 3M campus
off of
I-94 east of downtown St. Paul.

Here's the website- you can sign up for their
e-mail notifications: 


This one
and the Midwinter Madness (which is actually in early spring)
are about the
only two surviving swaps up here. Much smaller and less
variety than the
hey-day of the early/mid 90's. 

Granted, who knew then what we know today,
but gone are the days of
picking up Apple Lisas for $25.00 and gaggle of 6
NeXT Cubes with all
the goodies for $200.00 :-) I sometimes wonder what of
today's "digital
dirt" will end up being gold 20 years on from now...


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