[rescue] Need Build Help - electricity costs

Laurence Brevard brevard at 1or0.com
Thu Jun 5 11:35:36 CDT 2014

I decided to look more closely at my nephew's bill. It's actually *only* about 4 times cheaper per kWh than I pay.

My nephew is in a new house in an old neighborhood - near West University Place but officially in Houston - less than 2 miles from the Medical Center and Rice University.

The 2.67 cents/kWh is just the "Energy Charge" - from Gexa Energy. There is also a "Delivery Charge" - from CenterPoint Energy.

Including taxes this comes to 7.75 cents/kWh.

In a month with 1,207 kWh usage (not bad in a 4200 sf house!), the total bill was $93.53.

Meanwhile in San Jose, I looked at my latest bill from PG&E...

I used 2,786 kWh for a monthly bill of $938.53

That averages 33.7 cents/kWh - more than four times my nephew's rate / kWh.

And each additional kWh is ~37.8 cents/kWh (35.995 cents/kWh + 5% tax).

Clearly, I need to go turn off some more systems (currently there are 14 running here but half of them are laptops).

At 02:11 PM 6/4/2014, Bill Bradford wrote:
>On Wed, Jun 04, 2014 at 11:05:16AM -0700, Laurence Brevard wrote:
>>FWIW, a relative in Houston, TX, recently showed me his electric bill at
>>$0.026/kWh - less than 10% of what I pay. I could have cried.
>Houston here.
>I pay "Average price 12.8c per kWh" according to my latest bill.
>I'm on average billing and pay $120-175/month; it varies up and down a little.  Says that last month I used 1185 kWh.
>Bill Bradford
>Houston, Texas USA
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