[rescue] Need Build Help

Stéphane Tsacas stephane.tsacas at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 08:46:54 CDT 2014


On 4 June 2014 15:40, Mouse <mouse at rodents-montreal.org> wrote:

> >> Sorry if this is the wrong forum to ask for this :)  But I'm the CTO
> >> of a small company, and we have a need to build some C++ on Sun
> >> Solaris SPARC and AIX.
> >> We're targeting Solaris 10 and AIX 6.1 on POWER if possible.
> Does "Sun Solaris" even _exist_ any longer?  (Well, I'm sure the blobs
> of bits still exist somewhere.  But I don't know the licensing; it may
> be you'd have to buy right-to-run Oracle Solaris in order to be allowed
> to run it.)
> If a licence is really needed, maybe you can buy a "used" one.


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