[rescue] Stuff I've offered previously

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 10:17:14 CDT 2014

Hello all,

Sorry for the 'broadcast' email.

As many here are already aware, I've been preparing to move to Texas, and have
offered various interesting bits to the list, and while I shipped much of it,
I didn't ship all of it. It is with a heavy heart that I must admit I will not
be able to ship any yet-unshipped items in the near future.

What was going to be a drawn-out, multi-phase move turned into a quick move
due to my work situation. I have been holding off looking for employment in
Texas until the move was completed, because I felt the job market was strong
enough that I would find something relatively quickly... Before I came to that
decision I had applied for a position in a charter school system in Dallas,
but found the position had been filled and the website was not updated. They
said they'd hold on to my resume and get back to me if anything came up... But
that never happens.

Something came up.

The contacted me two weeks ago and wanted me to apply for a technology
teaching position. A skype interview was arranged, supporting grad school
transcript submitted, and by the end of last week I had a verbal offer for the
position. At that point my file was handed over to HR for the formal offer to
be cut.

I'm still waiting on the formal offer, which includes information on the
required background check, fingerprinting, etc.

And that's all great... But classes start Aug. 5th!

I was planning to go back & forth between TX and NJ through mid-August, now I
need to get everything done by this Friday, when I'm going to Dallas for the
final walk-thru of the house, then flying back, picking up a car and my
daughter and driving to Dallas, arriving Thursday evening, to close on my new
house on the first. Four days later I start my teaching career and my daughter
starts 6th grade (we're both at the same school)...

Anyway, I barely have time to breathe, and I've found some really neat,
forgotten stuff (Tadpole briefcase & Laptop bag, two Sparcbook HD trays, a
couple network dongle cards to connect an AUI to a Sparcbook, still more aple
ADB keyboards and mice, and much more.) I also scrapped over 500 pounds of
Pentium computers - turns out the HDs are good for 40 cents/lb, the whole
system units are worth 12 cents/lb...

Once I'm slightly settled I'll start shipping requested items, probably after
Labor Day.

BTW, you can really fit a lot of stuff in two 16' PODS containers!

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