[rescue] Have/had a Tadpole Voyager, how do you like it?

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sun Jul 20 13:50:12 CDT 2014

> I came across one system, the Tadpole Voyager, that looks kind of interestin$
> and possibly worth exploring further.

> I'm wondering, if you have one, or had one in the past, is this an interesti$
> system to work with?

I've never had one.  But, if it's anything like Sun's Voyager, it's a
pretty cool little box.  I've got one of those, and the major issues I
have with it are (1) it's necessary to take it almost completely apart
to get to the disk drive, when it would have been relatively easy to
design it for access with minimal disassembly, and (2) the screen is
tiny - IIRC only two options exist for the display, 1bpp 1152x900 and
8bpp 1024x768 (I forget which version I have).

Oh, and each of the battery packs I have for it is dead.  But I've got
a mains-powered power brick for it too, so it's at least usable.

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