[rescue] Macintosh Portable Memory Expansion Cards

Jonathan Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Thu Jul 17 18:23:16 CDT 2014

In $ork's hardware giveaway pile, I found a pair of memory cards today.
One appears to be a 3MB expansion card for a Macintosh Portable (the 1991
model with a backlight).  The other looks to be a 1MB expansion card for
the original Macintosh Portable.

The 1MB card may be aftermarket, as the silk-screening looks atypical for
an Apple part (wrong typeface, no Apple copyright or part number on it

Some photographs of the cards are available here, if you'd like to
see what I'm talking about:


If both/either of these would make your vintage Mac collection more
complete, I will happily send them to you for the cost of shipping.

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