[rescue] Sun Ray 150

Andrew Jones andrew at jones.ec
Mon Jul 14 18:35:56 CDT 2014

On 07/14/2014 02:38 PM, Richard wrote:
> Does anyone have Sun Ray thin clients in their collection?
> How do they differ from a traditional X terminal?
> Is it difficult to obtain the necessary host software?

They're much more pleasant than the traditional X11 experience.  Apps 
that don't expect to be remoted are better behaved.  Audio and USB disks 
are basically seamless.

The server software is a pain.

For the older SPARC-based Sun Rays (1, 1G, 100, 150, etc) you need SRSS 
3.x.  This hypothetically runs on Linux but it was very unpleasant even 
when new: lots and lots of moving pieces.  It's much easier on Solaris.

The newer MIPS? ARM? units require SRSS 4.x.  This is actively 
maintained and I have never experimented with it.

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