[rescue] Looking for 1.8" mini-SATA hard drive/SSD

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 18:23:57 CDT 2014

Were I you, I'd consider something like this at $23 and then be on the lookout
for a surplus mSATA drive leftover from someone upgrading their mSATA drive in
their laptop.


Or this one for $14 shipped:



> On Jul 10, 2014, at 4:38 PM, "Steve Hatle" <shatle at nfldinet.com> wrote:
> I picked up a free Lenovo x300 that "needs new hard drive". I didn't
> think that was a problem since I have various laptop drives around.
> I didn't know that this used the 1.8" form factor with the mini-SATA
> connector. I know that both spinning media and SSD exist in this form
> factor. I'm not picky about which I get. I know there are some on that
> auction site, but since I started at free, I'm trying to keep it cheap -
> I don't need the laptop that bad :-)
> The drive in the machine is SSD, but fails POST. I've not found any info
> on how to possibly revive this thing. Any info on that would be
> appreciated as well.
> TIA,
> Steve
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