[rescue] Looking for 1.8" mini-SATA hard drive/SSD

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Thu Jul 10 15:38:10 CDT 2014

I picked up a free Lenovo x300 that "needs new hard drive". I didn't
think that was a problem since I have various laptop drives around.
I didn't know that this used the 1.8" form factor with the mini-SATA
connector. I know that both spinning media and SSD exist in this form
factor. I'm not picky about which I get. I know there are some on that
auction site, but since I started at free, I'm trying to keep it cheap -
I don't need the laptop that bad :-)
The drive in the machine is SSD, but fails POST. I've not found any info
on how to possibly revive this thing. Any info on that would be
appreciated as well. 

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