[rescue] Understanding Err#25 ENOTTY ?

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Tue Jul 8 09:58:56 CDT 2014

> I will supple the needed KVM client and login information

That might work, though I've found that trying to bludgeon external
software into building in my rather oddball environment can be more
work than just writing my own version of whatever it is.  (Sometimes
not, too, admittedly.  It depends on a lot of factors.  Point me at the
code and I can have a stab at building it.)

> skype is not really needed but comes in handy if you want to talk.

Yeah, but it's also a closed implementation of an undocumented
protocol, making it unacceptable for my use.

Hence my remark that Jonathan might be a better candidate.  (Might.  I
don't know to what extent he shares my stances, though few people are
as stringent as I am in these regards.)

> don't think making the source smaller would help as its all inter
> linked with each other is a big system

Perhaps, but such bugs often turn out to be related to just some small
fraction of the system.

> plus its under license agreement that states am not allowed to post
> full code to anyone else other then myself,

Would we need to draw up an NDA with you, then, before you can let us
look at it?  Personally, that would not necessarily be an issue, but
I'd need to see the wording to be sure....

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